Demo reel & WIP

"Individual" Pre-Prudoction

"Individual" is the name of one of my scripts waiting to be made as a short animation. The story is about a crowd of blind people, following orders unwillingly until one of them finds his vision and... (I'm not revealing the whole story here!). it is a pretty Big project for one person so I'm waiting for a right moment to bring it to life. By the way here is animation test for the main character.

another Big part of it is the graphic and visuals. the final graphic is supposed to be like pencil hatching effect So I tried a few methods to create Pencil-like images completely computer generated , no hand-drown technique is involved. watch the video below to see how it turned out (Watch in HD) :

Demo reel 2017

Some of my works from 2008 to 2017 in various fields.



A Shot test for body mechanics , Acting and Mimics.