Plug-ins & Rigs

Chronos Relax Timing

one of the most basic principles of animating is ease-in or ease-out and basically any non-linear movement is desirable. In the CG world it's a simple job since you can monitor the speed of the movements as Curves. But when it comes to the Animating of a character, since it has many moving parts, the attempt to changing the speed of the animation becomes a nightmare because there are a huge amount of curves needed to be changed. But what if we just could control all the other curves with a single curve, without collapsing those curves ? a few years ago I created Chronos Relax Timing, a plugin for 3Ds Max that allows the animator to control multiple curves with just a single curve : 

Automatic Lips

As a Rigger who is also an animator , I try to ease the technical problems of animating in the Rigging level to give the animator a simpler workflow to follow. One of those problems is overlapping lips. when animator is animating, she/he must constantly watch to avoid upper and lower lips from overlapping. I came up with a Rigging system to lift this distracting problem from the animator's shoulder. watch it in practice :

Bendy IK

This is an example for Bendy IK that I made . Bendy IK or Curvy IK is an approach to achieve Curves which usually is straight, like limbs. It is useful for comic or cartoony characters and enables the animator to have much more control over the shape of a character.